Kiwi Social Network Embraced by Youth

Kiwi Social Network Embraced by Youth

28 NOV 2016

New Zealand social network Youth Hub has been embraced by schools and tertiary students with more than 600 signing up since the platform launched just two months ago. Those on the platform have created their unique profiles to interact with other youth, prospective employers and all stakeholders in the education, training and employment journey. Youth Hub has been likened to a “LinkedIn for youth” with a specific focus on Youth with the added wrap around support as they navigate their pathway from school. The free platform connects youth to people who can offer them jobs, training or guidance during a period that sometimes can be very confusing for a young person.

As well as the overwhelming sign up rate from youth, more than 150 businesses, youth service providers, schools and tertiary education providers have joined the growing Collective Impact network. They’re milestones Youth Hub founder and creator Senthil Perumal says proves that users are getting real value out of the social network online and offline. “We’re thrilled by the positive uptake of Youth Hub. Youth Hub is a one-stop central hub for students and young people to read inspiring stories about their peers, tell their own story, and make all-important connections with the people who can offer them jobs or training during and after they finish studying. “It’s incredibly satisfying seeing the value people are getting after the massive efforts put in during the development of the platform which has been years in the making.” Perumal says the platform levels the playing field for all young people to showcase their talents in a variety of ways. It puts youth in the driving seat to navigate their career based on their own passions and skills.

As well as being able to upload traditional CVs, Youth Hub lets students showcase their education, training and employment journeys in ways more familiar to them: through photos, videos and other media, just as they would on Facebook or Instagram. The goal is to get them and prospective employers to build a rapport with each other long before it comes to the often dreaded “do-or-die” job interview. “Youth Hub gives us a chance to show off our skills and character to the employers we’re trying to impress over a longer period of time than the usual job application process. It also lets them track our progress,” says Hillcrest High School student, 17-year-old Jamie Reyneke-Barnard. “It’s as fun as Instagram, but it can help you further your career or whatever path you are on. It’s also a great platform for employers to start to use to advertise jobs as more people get involved. I love it and will definitely keep using it.”

“By following a business on Youth Hub, young people can keep up with what’s going on in that business and with the wider industry. In turn, businesses can attract young people with the right talent and skills,” says MYOB Education Account Manager Shailan Patel. Monique Le Marque from Academic Colleges Group says education providers are reaping the benefits of Youth Hub’s existence too. “Youth Hub has proven to be a user friendly - and more importantly a youth friendly tool to link students with employment and study opportunities. It is a powerful launching pad from which to start their careers. “I am impressed at the level of youth engagement the service has achieved so far, and firmly believe it has the power to propel our youth towards realising their full potential.”