New partnership to provide social record platform for young people

A new partnership to help young people

24 AUG 2017

A new partnership to help young people showcase their skills and competencies to prospective employers and others was announced today by Youth Minister Nikki Kaye.

“Many of our young people have participated in leadership, mentoring and volunteering activities and we want them to be able to demonstrate this, and other achievements, through an online social record,” says Ms Kaye.

The new social record platform is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) and YouthHub, an existing digital platform that enables young people to curate their journey through formal and informal learning experiences towards employment.

“As well as prospective employers, the social record site will enable young people to interact and share achievements, information and ideas with a wide audience, including peers, volunteer organisations, schools, education providers and youth workers, who can all have a presence on the site,” says Ms Kaye.

“This is about bringing together, in one place, individuals and organisations that can play key roles in furthering youth development, and enabling young people to make connections to chart potential new paths to success.

“The site enables young people to build an online profile and CV which they can enhance at any time with information, photos and videos. They can also record their activities and skills, seek references, learn about new opportunities and apply for training or jobs.

“We want to help grow skilled, informed and engaged young people, and provide a level playing field that offers equal opportunities to succeed to all.”

Work is also underway on the development of an app to access the social record.

“When MYD’s new direction was decided in late 2015, I signalled the importance of recognising youth participation in leadership, mentoring and volunteering opportunities through a social record. The partnership between MYD and YouthHub is about delivering on this vision,” says Ms Kaye.

“Significant testing has been carried out on the YouthHub platform by both the organisation itself and the Government, and we’re confident it offers a safe and secure way for young people, youth organisations and businesses to engage.

“A benefit of using the YouthHub platform is that we get to leverage an existing site, which already has significant connections and an integrated approach, focused on reducing silos and avoiding duplication.”

So far, 2,600 young people, 50 schools, 150 businesses, 120 teachers, 100 youth service organisations and 60 tertiary institutions already use the YouthHub platform.

“I encourage all young people and others interested in supporting their development to join the site,” says Ms Kaye.

“This has the potential to be the number one way in which young people promote themselves and their capabilities, and acquire the information and forge the connections to help them grow and succeed.”